Denver Public Schools COVID-19 Testing

Enter your 9-Digit DPS-Assigned ID

What is your Access Code?

To get started, you will need a) either your 9-digit DPS-assigned ID or b) an access code given to you by your sponsoring organization. Once this number is entered please fill out the entire form to complete your registration.

For employees, DPS ID can be found on your employee ID badge, on your profile in Infor, or at the top of your paystub. For more information use this link.

Need Help?

If you cannot locate your DPS ID, have not been given an access code, or are having trouble submitting your information:

  • DPS Employees contact HR Connect at or 720-423-3900.
  • Community Partners contact the Director of your Community Partner Organization.
  • Charters Employees contact your Portfolio Partner.

To schedule a test, begin the process by completing the following fields.

9-Digit DPS-Assigned ID
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