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Tennessen Warning for COVID-19 testing, registration via Primary portal

Private or confidential information about you (contact and demographic information) is collected by a state contractor through this registration and will be provided to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Your contact information and date of birth will be turned over to the Mayo Clinic along with your sample. The purpose of collecting this information is so that you can be contacted with your test results and so the contractor can provide summary demographic information to the state. If your test result is positive for COVID-19/SARS-Co-V-2, Mayo must file a report with the Minnesota Department of Health that includes your contact and demographic information along with the results of your test. You may refuse to provide your contact or demographic information. Refusing to provide your contact information will mean that you will not be tested.

If you cannot complete the registration online (for example, you do not have a phone number or an email address), contact support staff (email for alternative registration assistance.

To request an ADA accommodation or other accessibility needs for testing, please email or call 1-855-612-0677 for assistance. Please make requests 2-3 business days before the testing event to ensure time to coordinate accommodations.

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Please note that due to high demand, testing slots are only available for those who live within close proximity to the testing locations. This is in order to prioritize neighborhoods most impacted by the events and gatherings of the past weeks. If you do not live in these neighborhoods, we encourage you to be tested at your local clinic. To find additional testing site locations please visit:

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2 blocks south of I-94 on Dale Street. This will be an indoor testing event, with no drive-through. Participants may be asked to wait outside to control the number of participants inside the building and to maintain physical distancing between households. Dress warmly.

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
285 Dale Street North, Saint Paul, MN
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*Have you had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes) with a person with confirmed COVID-19?
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